Pallet Varieties


Here at Lakeland Pallets we build newreconditioned, and remanufactured pallets. We use traditional materials (primarily aspen and hardwood,) but also incorporate plywood, OSB, and other materials into certain pallet and box/crate designs depending on the customer’s application. We have custom designed table for hand built pallets and automated nailing machines to ensure accuracy and consistency in the building process.



Crates & Boxes


At Lakeland Pallets we custom design whatever box or crate you need to move your product.  We can also add specialty hardware, blocking or ramps to make for easy access. Contact us at


Green Energy Recycling

We care about our environment and that reflects itself in our business practices. We recycle many existing pallets back into the manufacturing stream, by both repairing and re-issuing them again or we dismantle pallets and re-size the components into another pallet.  All lumber that cannot be made into pallets or crates are recycled into landscape mulch, bedding or playground surface material and other useful materials.  We believe this not only makes good business sense, but also helps sustain the world in which we live.  Keeping waste out of the landfills to the best of our ability is our responsibility.



Additional Value Added Services

  • Same Day Delivery
  • Inventory Management
  • Heat Treating
  • Scrap Pallet Removal