Pallet Varieties


Lakeland Pallets takes pride in creating newreconditioned, and remanufactured pallets that are ideally suited to their jobs. We use traditional materials (primarily aspen and hardwood,) but also incorporate plywood, OSB, and other materials into certain pallet designs. Our facility’s custom designed tables and automated nailers ensure consistency in the building process and precision in even the most unique designs. Beside our variety of standard pallet styles, we provide other great options. For businesses with phytosanitary needs, we offer plastic pallets. We also supply press wood pallets upon request. Both of these options are and meet ISPM standards.



Crates & Boxes


Looking for crates or boxes? Lakeland Pallets’ custom designs and added features provide exactly what you need every time. We offer floater bases or foam linings to help provide vibration and shock prevention during transit. We can also add specialty hardware, blocking, or ramps to make them easier to load and reuse. We work hard to balance design and cost, ensuring that you never pay for over-design nor lose out due to under-design. We also provide boxes for the military, medical, and automotive industries.


Green Energy Recycling

We care about our environment, and that reflects in our business practices. We take pallets that have reached the finish of their viable life cycle and give them new life to prep them for a second lap. The pallets are disassembled and the parts that are still sound are used to create other pallets. All unused parts are recycled into landscape mulch, bedding, playground surface material and other useful products in order to keep the materials out of landfills. Our dedication to sustainability brings more value to both our customers and our neighbors by helping us reduce waste and keep the Earth in shape.



Additional Value Added Services

At Lakeland Pallets, value added services are a specialty of ours, which leaves you free to keep your eye on the ball. We make sure to maintain additional inventory as much as possible to meet quick delivery needs when our customers are working against the clock. We offer inventory management services to make things easier on our customers. If you want to set inventory minimums and maximums, we will automatically replenish your pallets when you get low—leaving one less thing on your plate.