Why Lakeland Pallets?

Service – Service – Service  We fully understand that without your business and your complete loyalty, we would not be here.  We work every day to ensure you are happy with your experiences with Lakeland Pallets.

We are committed to providing creative and innovative solutions to our customers, in order to give them the best products and prices for shipping their products.  We are always working with our supply chain to give us the best prices and materials for building our pallets and boxes.

With our fleet of tractors and trailers we can give you same day delivery.  Having a large fleet of trailers also allows us to spot trailers at our customer’s facilities.  This allows for them to use the trailer(s) for storing pallets that they use or for storing scrap pallets that they generate.

We Service West Michigan and Surrounding Areas.

Lakeland Pallets is located in the Great Lakes Region.  Specifically, we are located just on the north side of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids, MI.  Our facility is just off Interstates 96, 196 and the M-6.